Meet The Faces

Kurtis Powers, Host and Founder, Bio Image for the Face Radio BK


Kurtis Powers

Kurtis Powers, founder of The Face Radio, has a broad passion for music, and vinyl, both old and new. Though very much a mod at heart, Kurtis enthusiastically seeks to blur the boundaries between classic and modern. Add the gift of gab, and it’s only fitting that Kurtis would host this radio show to share his passion for music with you.

Ryan "Lord" Thomas, Co-Host, Bio Image for the Face Radio BK


Ryan ‘Lord’ Thomas

Lord Thomas, a long time DJ in the Norfolk & Richmond Virginia scenes, can often be found at The Face. He has a love for all things 60s, and quite a collection of records. When Ryan’s not one of the faces, The Lord is managing his own podcast or spinning at one of his nights. He brings the more 60s Garage, PowerPop sound to the show in defiance of Kurtis’ love for Crossover, 2-step, and Disco. He’s one hell of a co-pilot.

Kevin "Kev" Cook, Music Reviewer, Bio Image for the Face Radio BK


Kevin Cook

Kevin Cook worked in the record industry for almost 30 years. Passionate about music, he is an avid listener of radio and continues to enjoy exploring all genres of music as well as attending gigs across the UK. Kevin’s latest project, Check The Wires, is a music news and reviews blog. Kevin does a lot behind the scenes for The Face.

The Face contributor Jessica Lipsky


Jessica Lipsky

Jessica Lipsky is a journalist and DJ with a deep love of soul, funk, boogaloo and rocksteady. Her work has appeared in LA Weekly, Consequence of Sound, Remezcla and the San Francisco Chronicle. Raised in the Bay Area and currently living in Brooklyn, she enjoys tearing up dancefloors from coast to coast.

Scott "Bjorn-Late" Birkstead, Co-Host, Bio Image for the Face Radio BK

Co-Host, Contributor

Scott ‘Bjorn Late’ Birksted

The Bjorn keeps showing listeners of The Face that being ‘Bjorn Late’ is no excuse. Scott Birksted is a Canadian expat who spent a decade tearing up Ottawa with his Rocksteady and Soul DJ gigs before hitting the Brooklyn scene. While here, he was soaking up the New York groove, expanding his Mod leanings further into the ’70s and ’80s Crossover sounds of the Big Apple’s Disco dance floors. Very sadly for those of us at The Face, he has departed again, heading back to his motherland.