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Adam Schaper's Freelance Fiends


We live in a modern age and that calls for modern music so this week’s a mix of brand new music peppered with some favorites from 2018 as well. Enjoy wild punk riffage and soothing psych on a roller coaster ride of a set primed for your emotional release. Get down and tell a pal.

Click here to explore the albums and great new releases from USA Nails, Buffet, The Pinheads, Lola Pistola, The Mystery Lights, Holy Hive, Rubber Room, Big Tide, The Glucks, Earth Tongue, and Netherlands

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16 May, 2019

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Track List

  • *Norman Greenbaum* - Spirit In The Sky*
  • USA Nails - A Fair Nickel
  • Buffet - Too Many Things
  • Lola Pistola - Feelings (live)
  • The Pinheads - Not Like You
  • Fews - Business Man
  • The Mystery Lights - Goin’ Down
  • Holy Hive - Oh I Miss Her So
  • Haley Heynderickx - Oom Sha La La
  • Rubber Room - Royal Baby
  • Wine Lips - Weak Knees
  • *Griot Galaxy - XY MOCH*
  • Big Tide - Half The Time
  • The Coathangers - Step Back
  • The Glucks - Bought And Paid For
  • Mother Feather - Snakebite
  • Earth Tongue - The Well Of Pristine Order
  • Netherlands - Sluggo
  • Sun Voyager - Open Road
  • The Malpractice - Melter
  • *Greg Foat - The Mage*