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Home Home (NYC rock special)

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Home Home (NYC rock special)

Some folk like to say that guitar rock is dead and this week I’m calling foul with an hour of some of NYC’s best live rock on vinyl. Big shouts to labels like Greenway, Beyond Beyond Is Beyond, King Pizza, Exploding In Sound, Magnetic Eye and many more getting this great music out. Enjoy, tell a friend and go see a local show!

(First broadcast on the 26th of September 2019)

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26 Sep, 2019

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Track List

  • *Norman Greenbaum* - Spirit In The Sky*
  • YAASSS - $Money$
  • Birds - Home Home
  • Baked - Wolf
  • Boytoy - I Get Distant
  • Bethlehem Steel - Four Aliens
  • The Advertisers - Red Meat (live)
  • Heavy Traffic - Three Stigmata
  • *It's Not Night It's Space - The Black Iron Prison & the Palm Tree Garden*
  • Netherlands - Black Fractal
  • Max Pain and the Groovies - Checkin’ Out Late
  • The Bobby Lees - Ragged Way
  • The Mad Doctors - Springwater Supper Wizard
  • Big Eyes - Local Celebrity
  • Mother Feather - ICU
  • Garcia Peoples - Patient World
  • Sam Kogon - Lincoln Lincoln
  • *Ancient Ocean - Winter Half Light*