Breakfast with Boyyyish

Breakfast with Boyyyish

Don't Wanna Change The World

Breakfast with Boyyyish

Don't Wanna Change The World

This week, Boyyyish shares with you what he found at the bottom of his crates mixing classics from the 80s and 90s, spanning from Hip Hop, Freestyle, House Acid and more.

Take this weekly journey with him through the history of electronic music!

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18 Aug, 2022

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Track List

  • Phyllis Hyman - Don't Wanna Change The World
  • Janet Jackson, Herb Alpert - Diamonds (Cool Summer Dance Music)
  • Seduction - Two To Make It Right (Clivilles & Cole Club Mix)
  • Mandy Smith - Victim of Pleasure (Justin Strauss Mix)
  • Noel - Out of Time (Club Mix)
  • Deele - Body Talk
  • 2 in a Room - Wiggle It (The Club Mix)
  • East Village People feat. David Ian - Love's Gonna Get You Baby (Larry's Edited Mix)
  • Triad - Dub Flight
  • Mentalinstrum feat. Giant Storm - Trust Yourself (280 West Dub Mix)
  • Cynthia M - Love Storm (True House Mix)
  • Joe Roberts - Back In My Life (Classic Mix)
  • Key to Life feat. Sabrina Johnston - Forever (New Heights Swing Mix)
  • Hex - Alright To Love (All That Jazz)
  • K London Posse feat. Maydie Myles - Come Alive (Alive Vocal Mix)
  • Nonstop feat. Mr. Mann - You Gotta Know
  • The Shamen - Transamazonia (Deep Dish No Doze Mix)
  • Future Soul Orchestra - Life's Journey
  • Terry "Housemaster" Baldwin - Nothing Over
  • Danell Dixon - The Way U Groove
  • Chupacabra - Aw Yeah (8th Street Bootleg Mix)
  • M.A.S.I. - Apache (House Version)
  • Livin' Large - Feel Free (Love Is What We Need) (Sub Club Mix)
  • Boiling Point - I Am (Deeper Club Mix)