Brooklyn Northern Soul Club

Brooklyn Northern Soul Club with Tim Spurrier

The Doors Are Open

Brooklyn Northern Soul Club with Tim Spurrier

The Doors Are Open

Brooklyn Northern Soul Club brings you 2 hours of Northern Soul, Motown, and Crossover Tunes with an all-vinyl show. From floor-filler favorites to rarities and plenty of tunes in between, the club plays it all for your pleasure.

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Tune into new broadcasts of Brooklyn Northern Soul Club, 2nd Monday from 4 – 6 PM EST / 9 – 11 PM GMT.

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13 Mar, 2023

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Track List

  • The San Remo Golden Strings - I’m Satisfied
  • Barbara McNeil - It Happens Every Time
  • Sandra Richardson - After You Give Your All
  • Bettye Swan - I Think I’m Falling In Love
  • Sue Ann Jones - I’ll Give You My Love
  • Jackie Wilson - Don’t You Know I Love you
  • Alice Clark - Never Did I Stop Loving you
  • Jimmy Ruffin - The In Crowd
  • Darrell Banks - Somebody (Somewhere) Needs You
  • The Sherrys - Put Your Loving Arms Around Me
  • Mary Wells - Can’t You See You’re Losing Me
  • The Dells - Wear It On Your Face
  • Bobby Patterson - My Baby’s Coming Back To Me
  • Major Lance - Monkey Time
  • The Contours - Just A Little Misunderstanding
  • Kim Weston - I’m Still Loving You
  • The Major IV - Down In The Ghetto
  • Debbie Taylor - Don’t Nobody Mess With My Baby
  • Judy Street - What?
  • Tommie Young - Its All A Part Of Loving Him
  • Chosen Few - Birth Of A Playboy
  • Oliver Cheatham - Don't Pop The Question (If You Can't Take The Answer)
  • Velvet Hammer - Happy
  • Sunny Monroe - Open The Doors
  • Eloise Laws - You’re Mine Baby Doll
  • The O’Kaysions - How Are You Fixed For Love
  • The World’s Funkiest Band - When You’re Alone
  • Robert Taylor And Current Stock - Hot Lady
  • Garnett Mimms - Looking For You
  • The Velvelettes - These Things Will Keep Me Loving you
  • The Vontastics - Never Let Your Love Grow Cold
  • The Showstoppers - Show Your Mini
  • Chris Calloway - You’re Something Else
  • The Hesitations - I'm Not Built That Way
  • The Green Berets - Just An Ugly Rumor
  • Valerie Lamar - Gotta Get Away