Club Cozzo with Mr Cozzo

Club Cozzo with Mr Cozzo

Speed Dating

Club Cozzo with Mr Cozzo

Speed Dating

This week, Mr Cozzo plays new music from Danis Ramos & Sbai, DJ Steaw, Gerard FM, Baldo and more.

The track of the week is Speed Dating by Deborah Aime la Bagare.

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24 Sep, 2022

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Track List

  • Dani Ramos & Sbai - Rhythmic Disintegration (Original Mix) [San Bolsa Music]
  • Gabriel Evoke - Mad Houz (Original Mix) [Namata]
  • Knario - Fever With F [oop rec]
  • Orange Beam - Sunset Emotions (12' Mix) [L2L Music]
  • NEW HOPE DJ - Nocturnal Vision (Original Mix) [Don't Play Recordings]
  • Christian Falco - Rocket [eMBi Music]
  • Dj Steaw - The End of Time [Swerve Digital]
  • Damien Exton - Equates [Deep Clicks]
  • Phil Dimou - Pulses (Extended Mix) [Ole Groove]
  • Alexandro G, Bastien Groove - Down (Davide Toschi & Ricky KK Remix) [Sweet Milk Records]
  • KiRiK - LFT005 [Memory Remains]
  • Danny Snowden - The L Word [Rich Got Jacked]
  • Sem Jacobs - Ça Va Sans Dire [FUNKiMAN]
  • Gerard FM - Let It Go (Original Mix) [Green Kiwi Records]
  • Caparzo - Let Me Tell You [Rhythm Dealers]
  • Manoova - Amen 47 (Original Mix) [Namata]
  • Cronelli - Can't You See It? (Tuco Briganta & Ro Nunez Remix) [City Soul Recordings]
  • Deborah Aime La Bagarre - Speed Dating [Shall Not Fade]
  • Robin Fett - Meteora (Kreature Remix) [NEED]
  • Lauer - Somebody (Instrumental) [Running Back]
  • Dompe - Get some more [Jackfruit Recordings]
  • BizZa - Afile (Original Mix) [Clarisse Records]
  • Maximillion - G Dub (Original Mix) [Chichi Music]
  • Dj Funsko - Dolce Vita [Banging Grooves Records]
  • Vanilla Ace, Jax D - Take Control (Extended Mix) [UD]
  • Soul Data - Boom Boom (Highway 307 Remix) [STMUL8]
  • Mile Duque - We Are Consciousness (Original Mix) [Sound On Sound]
  • Baldo - Ex Machina (Trance Mix) [E-Beamz]