Cosmic Bus Stop with Jeremy From The Block

Cosmic Bus Stop with Jeremy From The Block

Wild Combination #2

Cosmic Bus Stop with Jeremy From The Block

Wild Combination #2

This week, With the help of iconic Face Radio DJ, Jaf Jervis, we’re taking subjectivity out of the mix and selecting tracks via chance operation (aka rolling dice). Jaffo elected that we pull records from box #27 to narrow the range and chose Ping-Pong as our selection method.

The result yielded a truly mixed bag, ranging from Downtown 81-type weirdness, proper disco & funk get downs, a hefty scoop of African stonkers, a few Brazilian niceties and plenty in-betweeeners. A fitting salute to Mr. 500 himself!

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20 Mar, 2021

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Track List

  • Peter Gordon & The Love Of Live Orchestra - Another Heartbreak
  • Feladey - Forest Music
  • Stone - That Girl Is Hot
  • New Birth - I Can’t Understand It
  • Andrew Ashong - Flowers
  • Villa Box - Break de Rua
  • Glass Candy - Computer Love
  • Willy Roy - Don’t Give Up
  • Blacklight Braille - Labor Day
  • Dave Pike - Sandunga
  • Tom Waits - Consume (LaFleur Edit)
  • Ata Kak - Daa Nyinaa
  • Shina Williams - Agboju Logun
  • Nzimande Allstars - Highway Sporo Disco
  • Fela Kuti - ITT (iZem Edit)
  • Tim Maia - E Preciso Ler E Reler
  • Bohannon - April My Love (Part 2)
  • Gregg Diamond - Holding Back
  • Nick The Record - Can You See My Big Pan
  • Dee Edwards - Put Your Love On The Line
  • Donnie - Dancin Is Your Love
  • Round Trip - Woman