Dab of Soul with Chris Anderton

Dab Of Soul with Chris Anderton

I Got To Have Your Love

Dab Of Soul with Chris Anderton

I Got To Have Your Love

This episode of Dab of Soul features Dave Lucas sitting in for regular presenter Chris Anderton, bringing you The very best in 70’s and crossover soul plus a dab of quality 60’s, thrown in. We feature tracks by The Commands, Vivian Copeland, Oscar Perry, Sy Hightower, Brad Stuart, The Eliminators, plus new sound and more.

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28 Jul, 2020

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Track List

  • The Commands - No Time For You
  • Church - How Long
  • Candi Bars - I Believe In You
  • Little Hank – Try To Understand
  • Fantastic Four – I Got To Have Your Love
  • John Parker - Big Mistake
  • New Sound - Having You Around
  • Prime Cut – I’m So Glad
  • Vivian Copeland - He Knows My Key (Is Always In The Mailbox)
  • Cynthia & The Imaginations - Hey Boy
  • Oscar Perry - Come On Home To Me
  • Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose - Don't Ever Be Lonely
  • Mystics - That’s The Kind Of Love
  • Josephine Taylor - I Made Up My Mind
  • Sy Hightower - I Know Your Leaving Me
  • Le Bron Brothers - Don’t Be Afraid
  • Sharon Clark & Bits Of Honey - Don’t Push My Love Cup Aside
  • Thomas Sisters - Hey Pretty Boy
  • Brad Stuart - I Wouldn't Mind
  • Jesse Harrison - No Man Is An Island
  • Sweet Pearl - You Mean Everything To Me
  • Dolly Gilmore - Don’t You Know You’re The Yes
  • The Eliminators - Taking Love Making Love
  • James Conwell & The Light Drivers - Dreams Of A Shoeshine Boy
  • Charlene P.M. - Believe What I Say
  • R D M Band - Give Up
  • Intensive Heat - Keep An Eye On Your Close Friend
  • Unlimited Four - True Love Is Hard To Find
  • Kal’s Kids - Long Lonely Broken Hearted
  • Decisions - Color Me Blue