Dab Of Soul with Chris Anderton

Dab Of Soul with Chris Anderton

Making New Friends

Dab Of Soul with Chris Anderton

Making New Friends

This week, we feature tracks by artists such as David Ruffin, Vivian Reed and Milton Wright!

Well known DJ and all-round good guy Kev Rodgers chooses tracks for this week’s Listener Top 7 Feature.

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22 Jun, 2021

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Track List

  • Towana And Total Destruction - Wear Your Natural Baby
  • Chuck Jackson - I'll Fight
  • Derobert And The Half Truths-just Don't Care
  • Enchanted Five - Try A Little Love
  • Talmadge Armstrong - Gigi
  • Philip Mitchell - Little Things
  • Miracles - The Love I Saw In You Was Just A Mirage
  • Robert Moore - Tears Of The World
  • Dells - Don't Trick Me Treat Me
  • Mark Iv - I Knew It Wouldn't Last
  • Patti Labelle - On My Own
  • Margie Joseph - Come On Back To Me Lover
  • Ray Hines - Why Don't You Give Me A Try
  • Bland Allison - I Can't Get Back To You Part 2
  • Ruby Andrews - I Guess That Don't Make Me A Loser
  • Toby King - Operator
  • Jeanie Tracey - Making New Friends
  • Vivian Reed - Save Your Love For Me
  • Reggie Saddler - Just Wait And See
  • Paul Tilman Smith - Newsroom
  • Jimmy Helms - Romeo And Juliett
  • Milton Wright - The Silence That You Keep
  • Prince Ellis - Love Will Make Your Mind Go Wild
  • Willie Tee - Bring On The Heartaches
  • Harold Melvin - After You Love Me
  • Glen Ricketts - Does It Really Matter
  • David Ruffin - You Ought To Know Me
  • Best Of Both Worlds - Lost In A Shuffle Of Love
  • Melvin Hicks - I'm Just Passing Time
  • Herman Davis - Gotta Be Loved By You
  • Chicago Gangsters - Blind Over You
  • Suade - Open Up Your Mind To My Mind