Dab of Soul with Chris Anderton

Dab Of Soul with Chris Anderton

Flying High Together

Dab Of Soul with Chris Anderton

Flying High Together

This week, Chris plays Crossover Soul, Modern Soul, Northern Soul & Rare Soul and tunes by artists such as Tyrone Davis, Ed Townsend and Tyrone Davis.

Plus the featured Top 7 from listener Kevin Aynsleigh!

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7 Sep, 2021

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Track List

  • Tyrone Davis - Can I Change My Mind
  • Saints - I'll Let You Slide
  • Willie Bollinger - I Won't Have To Cry
  • Fantastic Four - Live Up To What She Thinks
  • Ascots - She's So Indifferent To Me
  • Ed Townsend - She's So Indifferent To Me
  • Timothy Wilson - Just Another Guy
  • Del Davis - Baby Don't Wake Me
  • Willie Hutch - When A Boy Falls In Love Pt 2
  • Four Tops - I'm Grateful
  • Edwin Starr - I'm Still A Struggling Man
  • Smokey Robinson - Flying High Together
  • Dynamic Superiors - One Nighter
  • Universal Minds - A Chance At Love
  • Toalton Ellis - Sho Be Do
  • Citation - Inspiration Of My Life
  • Natural Four - I Think I Found That Girl
  • Richard Caiton - I'd Like To Get Near You
  • Chuck Jackson - If That's The Way You Want It
  • Leon Haywood - Consider The Source
  • Garland Green - Just My Way Of Loving You
  • Milionaires - I'm The One Who Loves You
  • Bobby Kline - Say Something Nice To Me
  • Derek Martin - That's What I'll Do
  • Gladys Knight - What Good Am I Without You
  • Len And The Pa's-believe Me
  • Lovations - I Don't Want You
  • Purple Mundi - Man From The Sky
  • Fred Hughes - I Just Found Out
  • Paul Thompson - Having A Little Talk With Love