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Play That Pumpkin Music

Disco Freaks

Play That Pumpkin Music

In the week of Halloween join the boys for a monumentally juicy Boogie Banger, plenty of new Disco releases and a search for a double act fancy dress outfit. There’s a bombshell about L’imperatrice and new tunes from Pigeon, Hidden Groove and Lady Wray.

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27 Oct, 2021

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Track List

  • MFSB - TSOP (Tracy Young Remix)
  • L’imperatrice - Submarine (Todd Edwards Mix)
  • Sam Redmore - Nagu
  • One Blood - Be Thankful
  • Pigeon - Yagana
  • Netwerk - Pump It Up
  • Hidden Groove - Breaker’s Groove
  • Odyssey - Hang Together
  • Lady Wray - Under The Sun
  • Izo Fitzroy - Thelma and Louise (We’re Not Looking Back)
  • MNKYBSNSS - Pixelated (Lazywax remix)
  • Kartell - Time (feat. Qendressa and Coops)
  • Billy Cobham - Le Lis (Pellegrino Rework)
  • Haruo Chikada & Vibra - Sofabed Blues
  • Gary Numan - Music for Chameleons
  • Paul Weller - Glad Times (Boogie Back Mix)
  • L’imperatrice - Submarine (DMO Remix)