Dub Intervention

Dub Intervention

Drink The Milk Of Dreams

Dub Intervention

Drink The Milk Of Dreams

This week, we delve into the ever expanding world of diverse traditional drum beats given the here and now treatment by artists like Batu, Closet Yi, Dutchie, Artist Unknown, Afro Dub Lakeya, LWS & many more.

Plus voice bytes in dub, curators and artists at this years Venice Art Biennale, talking Animal Knowledge and The Milk Of Dreams.

This is Dub Intervention.

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18 Jun, 2022

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Track List

  • Hernman - Solitary Breaks
  • Closet Yi - Red Comet
  • Dutchie - Yeah
  • Fur Coat Radio - Little Cigarette
  • Artist Unknown - Ep Beats Medley
  • San Mateo - Guilt Suit
  • Barbie Bertiach - I Thought This
  • Baby Ford - Change
  • El B Bad - Africa Elektra
  • LWS - Chug Sequence
  • Filter Dread - Data
  • Lakeyah - I Look Good (Instrumental) 114.0 (100
  • Afro Dub - Afro Funk
  • Batu - Emulsion Of Light