Dub Intervention

Dub Intervention

You Are The Resistance

Dub Intervention

You Are The Resistance

This week, Martha Reeves; Tony Allen, Lou Reed, Bongani Melomakhulu), Ian Curtis & Bob Marley are just some of the extra ingredients in this weeks Dub Intervention.

Also featuring new Global Beats from Batu, Raz Afla, Seher, Bleep Gigaverse Oker Cosby, KTM & Red Comet.

This is Dub Intervention.

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25 Jun, 2022

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Track List

  • Batu - Former World (D.I. edit ft David Bowie & Lou Reed)
  • Raz Afla - Survive (D.I. edit ft Ian Curtis )
  • Raz Afla - Run Away
  • Dutchie - Look down
  • Oker Cosby - Crime as Service (D.I. edit ft Bongani Melomakhulu)
  • Dadan Karambolo - Indecisive
  • Raz Afla - Wobaahi HE
  • Sister Zo - Earth Mover (D.I. edit ft Bob Marley)
  • Bleep_Gigaverse NFT - Michael Wells (D.I. edit ft Martha Reeves & The Vandellas)
  • 30k.8aghreban ft Nah Eeto - Got Y
  • Warda In Cotonou - Djoser
  • Red Comet - Closet Yi
  • KTM - Agression
  • Seher - Suchi
  • Maroki - ICBT1 (D.I. edit ft TonyAllen)