Dub Intervention

Dub Intervention

Rhythm Takes Control!

Dub Intervention

Rhythm Takes Control!

When Dot Never announce new material you know its going to be a big show, and it is.

Mighty fusions & innovations from the aforementioned who promise an album later this year, likewise new Albums from Michael Fiedler (aka Jah Schulz) and Apanorama, both truly outstanding, have tracks in the show.

Bird Of Mind excel, as do Unkle and Unique 3, plus so much more

This is Dub Intervention, this week it’s all Ed.


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6 Aug, 2022

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Track List

  • Tom Pool & MERJD - Between The Sun And The Moon
  • Birds Of Mind - No Time For Tears (Dub Intevention Extention)
  • Pax - Is it you ((Dub Intevention Dub Edit )
  • Trap Bekham - Bottle Girl (Dub Intevention Extention)
  • Unique 3 - Reality (Dub Intevention Extention)
  • Michael Fiedler - Sway
  • Dot Never - Landfill (Dub Intervention Edit)
  • Saucy Santana - Booty (Dub Intervention Edit)
  • Lizzo - About Time (Dub Intervention Edit)
  • Nicola Cruz - Residential Heat (Dub Intervention Edit)
  • Uncle - Do Yourself Some Good (Dub Intervention Edit)
  • M.C J.Brown -Backbone Power (Dub Intervention Edit)
  • WDDS - Slow Burner (Dub Intervention Edit)
  • Apanorama - Gliding Flight (Dub Intervention Edit)
  • Otik - Psyops (Dub Intervention Edit)
  • Apanorama - Gliding (Salz Dub)
  • Unique 3 - Rhythm Takes Control