Dub Intervention with Ed2000

Dub Intervention with Ed2000

The Voice Of Planet Love

Dub Intervention with Ed2000

The Voice Of Planet Love

This week we showcase the brand new-four Track release from Leeroy Thornhill, plus a selection of Ed2000s Dub Intervention edits. Original masterworks by truly talented game-changing artists including household names and unsung heroes. What do Diana Ross and Hal 9000 have in common? It’s in the mix!

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15 Aug, 2020

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Track List

  • Paradise X – 2 Much (Dub Intervention Edit)
  • Carl Craig – Electricity (Dub Intervention Edit)
  • Artist Unknown – Gunman (Dub Intervention Edit)
  • Erik Sumo Band – Show Me The Light (Dub Intervention Edit)
  • Space Ranger – Chocolate Bar (Dub Intervention Edit)
  • Syd Barret – Julia Dream (Dub Intervention Edit)
  • Lionrock – Packet Of Peace (Dub Intervention Edit)
  • 2XL – Destruction (Dub Intervention Edit)
  • Precious System – The Voice From Planet Love (Dub Intervention Edit)
  • Devine Masters – Cause I Need You (Dub Intervention Edit)
  • North and Claybourne – O Ban I (Dub Intervention Edit)
  • Sunsonic – A Kind Of Loving (Dub Intervention Edit)
  • Bassbin Twinz – Come To Me (Dub Intervention Edit)
  • Leeroy Thornhill – Coming For You (Extended Version)
  • Leeroy Thornhill – Run 4 Ya Life (Extended Version)
  • Leeroy Thornhill - Warehouse (Extended Version)
  • Leeroy Thornhill – Funk You (Extended Version)