Dub Intervention with Ed2000

Dub Intervention with Ed2000

Earth Spirit

Dub Intervention with Ed2000

Earth Spirit

This week, We showcase seasonal, global, rhythmic movement, change, and knowledge as it comes.

Featuring all new good for you releases including the work of Oxhalia, Hagan, Napalma, Chocolate Puma, Juergen Paape & more.

New approaches to beats and sounds, new ways for that new day. Earth beats, Earth Spirit, listen up, is for one and all!

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17 Oct, 2020

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Track List

  • Ohxalia – Earth Spirit
  • MBJCFM - Rheinzand Dub
  • Hard Ton – Your Ghost In Me
  • Idrissa Soumaoro et L'Eclipse de L'Ija – Nissodia
  • Napalma – Yobalena
  • Juergen Paape – Vox Acris
  • Chocolate Puma – It Aint Right
  • Joy Wellboy -Dreams Stay Dreams
  • Hagan – Coastline
  • Richie Blacker – TDK90
  • Rudoh – All Is Holy
  • Ohxalia – Earth Spirit Reprise Beats
  • Girls In The Internet – Let Go