Dub Intervention

Dub Intervention with Ed2000

Beyond The Mix

Dub Intervention with Ed2000

Beyond The Mix

This week, we present a selection of tracks from classics to pre release, with the emphasis on funk and groove. Amongst artists included are Mad Ragga Jon, TLF, Mulatu Astake, Prince, A Chain Gang, The Masai, Yvonne Fair, Brooklyn Shanti, Havana Laffe, Freddy D and many more.

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28 Nov, 2020

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Track List

  • Chain Gang – In The Morning
  • War – Lowrider (D.i. Edit)
  • TLF – All In Your Mind (D.i. Edit)
  • Loefah – Jungle (D.i. Edit)
  • Ltj Bukem – Demons Theme (D.i. Edit)
  • Public Enemy – Rebel Without A Pause (Instr) (D.i. Edit)
  • Masai – Masai Chant (D.i. Edit)
  • Push Pull – Incidnt In Nepal (D.i. Edit)
  • Havana Laffe – Impurityhavana
  • Freddy D - Stand My Ground (Instrumental) (D.i. Edit)
  • Mad Raggajon - Riddim Step Forward (D.i. Edit)
  • Mulatu Astake & The Black Jesus Experience – To Know Without Knowing (Edit)
  • Irdis Muhammad - New Orleans (Edit)
  • Lost City – Jungle Dance_(Instr.) (D.i. Edit)
  • Brooklyn Shanti Ft Tanjina Islam – Ek Din (Insr.) (D.i. Edit)
  • Team Foxx – Uber Riddim (Instr.) (D.i. Edit)
  • Fabiolous Barker - B-movie (Mandate My Mix) (D.i. Edit)
  • Prince – Sign Of The Times (D.i. Edit)
  • Boogie Freaks - The Mean Green (D.i. Edit)
  • Yvonne Fair - Funky Music Sho Nuff Turns Me On (D.i. Edit)
  • James Brown – Make It Funky (Spoken Intro Only)