Dub Intervention

Dub Intervention with Ed2000

Let Me Hear Ya Say

Dub Intervention with Ed2000

Let Me Hear Ya Say

Dr Jeep is this weeks crowned king of the beats with the mighty Nekka Pill. Nwando Ebizie has a new burner called I Seduce and the way she looks she probably does.

Kasper Bjorkes Isola is in, from his new album, plus ambient royalty See Feel, C & C,s Everybody Dance gets 2021 relevance and a Dub Intervention treated field recording of a Massai ceremony is at the heart of things plus really a lot more .

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31 Jul, 2021

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Track List

  • Nwando Ebizie - I Seduce
  • Artist Unknown - The Last Piglette
  • TVAM - Porsche Majeur (Dub Intervention Versions in a Mix Version)
  • Small Town Twiin - The Trees That Heal
  • Kasper Bjørke - Isola
  • Small Town Twiin - - To Flight Robots
  • Traditional - Elequana
  • Pure - Kingsbridge Rd
  • Seefeel - As One
  • Doctor Jeep - Nekka Pill
  • C C Music Factory - Gonna Make You
  • Massai - Ritual Chant( Dub Intervention Version )
  • Mistareez - Affectionate