FSQ with Chuck Da Fonk

FSQ with Chuck Da Fonk

A tribute to Keyboard Wizards Junie Morrison, Bernie Worrell

FSQ with Chuck Da Fonk

A tribute to Keyboard Wizards Junie Morrison, Bernie Worrell

This week, Chuck Da Fonk explores Bernie Worrell and Junie Morrison, THE two keyboard heroes of the major funk troupe, George Clinton & Parliament – Funkadelic. Their signature synthesizer sounds are the musical basis for the G-Funk hip-hop movement. Chuck Da Fonk explores Bernie’s catalog including his work for Bootsy Collins, Funkadelic, and his significant contributions to the Talking Heads. Junie is like Prince – a one-man band who plays all the instruments beyond keys – and we spin his self-driven tunes and the important songs he contributed to when he was part of the legendary Ohio Players. The FSQ New Music Ferry ships in with sonic cargo from Harvey Sutherland,Dr Rubberfunk, and The Fitness and Pony.

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26 Feb, 2020

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Track List

  • Bernie Worrell - Woo Together
  • Bernie Worrell - Hope is Here
  • Bernie Worrell - Time Was (Events in the Elsewhere)
  • Funkadelic - Vampy Funky Bernie
  • Funkadelic - You Hit the Nail on The Head
  • Talking Heads - Making Flippy Floppy - Live from Stop Making Sense soundtrack
  • Bootsy Collins - Jam Fan (Hot)
  • Junie Morrison - Tease Me - Arthur Baker Dub
  • Geri Allen Trio - Dark Prince - Live - Leverkusener Jazztage
  • Junie - Junie II
  • Junie - Suzie Thundertussy
  • George Clinton & Family - Super Spirit
  • JS Theracon - Buckets O'Duckats - Original Mix
  • Ohio Players - Funky Worm
  • P-Funk All Stars - One of Those Summers
  • Harvey Sutherland - Superego
  • Chew Fu, Bootsy Collins featuring Reverend Al Sharpton - JB's The Man
  • Lonely C featuring Kendra Foster - Hold Up - Quentin Harris Re-Production
  • Dr Rubberfunk - Canvas Cathedral
  • John Taylor - I Do What I Do (9 1/2 Weeks) - 7" Version
  • Yello - Desert Inn - Remastered 2005
  • The Fitness and Pony, Agata Jasper - Golden Butterflies - Original Mix