FSQ with Chuck Da Fonk

FSQ with Chuck Da Fonk

Keep On Keepin' On

FSQ with Chuck Da Fonk

Keep On Keepin' On

Funk and Jazz trombonist Wayne Henderson sets the tone for this week’s show with the anthemic “Keep On Keepin’ On”. Tunes like “Help Is On The Way” by the Whatnauts, “Less Is More” by Choices, and “Shelter” by Duran Duran help us just do that. James Brown celebrates Passover with his tune “Where Iz Moses” aka Rapp Payback. In the 2nd hour, we take a special musical journey to Barbados through the music of Eddy Grant, Grynner, Sing Out Barbados, and more. FSQ New Music Ferry arrives with sonic cargo from Sirens of Lesbos, Bell Towers, Budakid, Jex Opolis, Sly & Robbie and Lucien & Kimono Orchestra.

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8 Apr, 2020

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Track List

  • Lonely C - True (Cake and Eat It Too) - FSQ Caribbean Disco Remix
  • Wayne Henderson - Keep On Keepin' On
  • Whatnauts - Help Is On The Way - 12" Version
  • Antenna - Song For Udmurtia
  • HiFi Sean featuring Yoko Ono - In Love With Life - Yam Who? Rework
  • Choices - Less Is More
  • Yello - You Gotta Say Yes to Another Excess - Club Mix
  • Duran Duran - Shelter
  • Jex Opolis - Listen To The Band
  • Bags - It's Heavy
  • Sly & Robbie vs Roots Radics - The Gates of Hell
  • Sirens of Lesbos - Zeus
  • Typically Tropical - Barbados
  • Jeff Barry - Baby I'm Back - TV Show Theme
  • Kraak & Smaak - Pleasure Centre - Turbotito Remix
  • James Brown - Rapp Payback - Live at North Sea Jazz Fest 1981
  • James Brown - Funk On Ah Roll - Live at Woodstock 1999
  • Sing Out Barbados - Barbados Ah Come From
  • Sing Out Barbados - Brother Nelly
  • Eddy Grant - Til I Can't Take Love No More
  • The Brothers of Barbados - 9th Avenue (Put Your Wings On and Fly)
  • The Sandpebbles of Barbados - Rum Song
  • Grynner - Bajan Yankee
  • Budakid - Walkman
  • Bell Towers - Want You (Need You) - Deep Dean Remix
  • Yehan Jehan - Witch Hunt
  • Lucien & The Kimono Orchestra - Piano Matinee - Jimmy Whoo Remix featuring Alsy