FSQ with Chuck Da Fonk

FSQ with Chuck Da Fonk

Break The Algorithms

FSQ with Chuck Da Fonk

Break The Algorithms

How do you discover new music? Through computer generated song recommendations by Spotify, YouTube, or Apple Music? Or are you more of a radio listener, glued to the selections of your favourite The Face Radio DJ?

In this episode, FSQ show host Chuck Da Fonk explores the many pathways he takes to find new jams including discovery via specific friends, regional music scenes, and other Face Radio DJs.

The musical exploration covers early 2000s Philly scene plus artists Spotify deems similar to FSQ including Wendy Eisenberg, C. Diab, Natalie Duncan, Alan Braufman, and Teno Afrika. Premiers here of brand new 2021 tunes by Soul Clap, Psymon Spine, Ross From Friends, Moon Rocket, Demuja and Black Loops

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20 Jan, 2021

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Track List

  • James Brown - (So Tired of Standing Still We Got to) Move On
  • Duran Duran - Face For Today
  • Thomas Newman - Hardbound
  • Kanot - Turblens (Vidock Matrix Remix)
  • Dampé - Flora Waves
  • Sasha, Franky Wah - Wolf Spider
  • Soul Clap - Enough is Enough
  • Oracle Room - Flying/Fall
  • Session Victim & Erobique - Good Intentions (Live at Jazz Cafe)
  • Psymon Spine - Jumprope
  • L.A. Boppers - Watching Life
  • Alan Braufman - The Fire Still Burns
  • Wendy Eisenberg - Urge
  • Billy Hufsey & Janet Jackson - Blast The Music
  • Soul Clap - What If There Was No America (featuring Nona Hendryx)
  • Moon Rocket & Rasmus Faber Feat. Alexandra Prince & LauMii - Stranger On My Shoulder
  • The Frontline Orchestra - No Entry
  • Kleeer - Happy Me
  • C.Diab - 90's Kids
  • Plastic Little - Rap O'Clock
  • Fonksquish - Break The Funk (Live at O'Neals Pub, Philadelphia 2006)
  • Spank Rock - Put That Pussy On Me - Diplo Tonight Remix
  • Pase Rock - Sexy Motherfucker featuring Amanda Blank
  • Plastic Little Feat. Amanda Blank, Ghostface Killah & Spank Rock - Crambodia (Pink Skull Remix)
  • Ross From Friends - Burner
  • Demuja & Black Loops - This Tribe
  • Dieter Meier - Jim for Tango
  • Mawglee - Nouby Rapture
  • Natalie Duncan - Atrium
  • Sly & The Family Stone - Life of Fortune And Fame
  • Teno Afrika - Conka
  • Johnny Guitar Watson - Strike On Computers