FSQ with Chuck Da Fonk

FSQ with Chuck Da Fonk

Planned Obsolescence

FSQ with Chuck Da Fonk

Planned Obsolescence

The weekly FSQ show with Chuck Da Fonk concludes it’s second season on The Face Radio and gets ready for FSQ 3.0 by thinking about what it means to constantly be upgrading ourselves and our gear – the phenomenon known as “Planned Obsolescence”.

Appropriate of such a theme, Chuck’s microphone breaks down at the beginning of the episode and so it’s the music doing the talking here, including songs titled, yes you guessed it – “Planned Obsolescence” – by The Cichlids, The Angels, Stan Freberg, and The Phantom Band.

The show winds on with other thematic related tunes by Boy George, Princess Superstar, Larry Graham & Graham Central Station, Can, The Pendletons, Bodega, The Writers, Caroline Rose and Dare Summer.

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1 Dec, 2021

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Track List

  • Scary Goldings - Lurch
  • The Cichlids - Planned Obsolescence
  • Volta Cab - Balearic Balsam
  • Paradis - Toi et Moi
  • The Ideals - Kissing Won't Go Out Of Style
  • Wet Leg - Chaise Longue
  • PBR Streetgang - Condor (Psychederek Remix)
  • Can - Movin' Right Along
  • Larry Graham & Graham Central Station - Forever
  • Christian Young - Rum Diary
  • Princess Superstar - Gettin' older (Pussy Still Pop!)
  • Stan Freberg - Planned Obsolescence
  • The Angels - Planned Obsolescence
  • The Angels - Take a Long Line
  • James Brown - A Man Has To Go Back To The Crossroads (Live)
  • Yello - Night Train
  • PBR Streetgang - GCP
  • Boy George - Out Of Fashion
  • Michael "The Millionaire" Cudahy - Put Out To Pasture
  • The Pendletons - Funk Forever
  • Schwarz & Funk - Nobody Lives Forever
  • Christophe - t'aimer fol'ment
  • Caroline Rose - Jeannie Becomes a Mom
  • The Phantom Band - Planned Obsolescence
  • Remi Wolf - Sauce (Beck Remix)
  • Bodega - Shiny New Model
  • Dare Summer - Little White Things
  • Divino Nino - Drive
  • Faye Webster - Better Distractions
  • ADHD U - Planned Obsolescence
  • The Writers - One More Drink