FSQ with Chuck Da Fonk

FSQ with Chuck Da Fonk


FSQ with Chuck Da Fonk


Host Chuck Da Fonk is moonlighting and working hard on both this episode for The Face Radio but also on an erudite mix for Ibiza Sonica Radio.

On this diverse set, he selects jams for both outlets and whips out some rare unreleased FSQ originals and remixes for the special occasion.

The third hour burners this week are by Birdee, Third Attempt, Morgan Wiley’s new project Choosy Lover, Urbs, A Vision of Panorama x Cyri Hahn, Hifi Sean & David McAlmont with many more fresh cuts in the mix. Plus, Chuck offers up special digs into the music catalogs of chanteuse Françoise Hardy, southern country soul star Turley Richards, and jazz-funk maestro Webster Lewis.

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26 Jan, 2023

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Track List

  • Al Jarreau - Moonlighting (Theme) (2009 Remaster)
  • Simone Del Freo - Moonlighting (Instrumental)
  • Waldo - You Bring out the Freak in Me
  • Françoise Hardy - En résumé... en conclusion (Version maxi)
  • Stephane Sévérac - Hold On (Extended Mix)
  • King Canyon - To The Moon
  • Le Chev, Pato Watson - Stairway to Nowhere featuring Drew Citron (FSQ Remix)
  • Adele Bertei - Take It To The Bridge (Instrumental)
  • La Guardia De La Luz - Planetary
  • Nicolas Godin - Zaire 73 (From "Fire of Love"/Score)
  • Turley Richards - New Ray of Sunshine
  • Robert DeLong - Happy (FSQ Remix)
  • Webster Lewis - Kemo-Kimo
  • Yello - Poom Shanka
  • Monolithic - Here and Now
  • Sven Van Hees - Islamorada Fishing Company
  • Turley Richards - There's Something Wrong
  • Webster Lewis - The Love You Give To Me
  • Françoise Hardy - V.I.P. (UK London Remix Club)
  • John Camp ft Greg Paulus - Mistral (Charlie Soul Clap Remix)
  • Lisa LeBlanc - Dans l'jus
  • Voyou - L'hiver
  • FSQ - Where Ya Gonna To Next (Demo)
  • Third Attempt - Love Star
  • Birdee - Best There Ever Was (Extended Mix)
  • Hifi Sean & David McAlmont - Beautiful (Hifi's Dub Excursion)
  • Kelela - Contact
  • Shroomyland - Your Type (feat. bb sway & Basile Petite) [Remix]
  • FSQ - Untitled (Demo)
  • Blancmange - Everything Is Connected
  • A Vision of Panorama - Let Me (Cyril Hahn & Pool Boy Remix)
  • Urbs - Im Geheimland
  • Panna Cotta - Tasting Sugar
  • Mathieu Lamboley - Les Lulus
  • Choosy Lover - Til It's Done