Kurtis Powers' Rendezvous

Kurtis Powers' Rendezvous

We’ll be taking a time machine back to the 60s

Kurtis Powers' Rendezvous

We’ll be taking a time machine back to the 60s

This week, Kurtis featured new tracks from The Love Rights, The Freedom 35s, Momo Said, DJ Rocca & Folpower Ft Grace Love, & Ikebe Shakedown.

Our featured album this week is the brand new Self-Titled album from Black Pumas.

We’ll be taking a time machine back to the 60s visiting the forthcoming Le Beat Bespoké 8 on Detour Records, plus more from the Decca Originals Compilations released on vinyl for this year’s Record Store Day, The Mod Scene, The Northern Soul Scene, The R&B Scene, and The Freakbeat Scene, plus some Jazz, and who knows what else!

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23 Jun, 2019

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Track List

  • Georgie Fame - El Bandido
  • Beazers - Blue Beat
  • Pete Kelly’s Solution - If Your Love Don’t Swing
  • Black Pumas - Confines
  • Ikebe Shakedown - Not Another Drop
  • Momo Said - Sunny Side Of The Street
  • Nu Guinea - Ddoje Facce
  • Clarice Labbe, Charlie Hampton - No Other Love But You
  • The Choice Four - Hook It Up
  • Neither Florence & The Associates - Free
  • DJ Rocca & Folpower Ft. Grace Love - I'm Going Higher
  • Black Pumas - Colors
  • The Love Rights - Talk Of The Town
  • Freedom Affair - Rise Up
  • Neal Ford & The Fanatics - Seasons
  • Brotherhood Of Man - Reach Out Your Hand
  • Paul Ritchie And The Cryin' Shames - Come On Back
  • Graham Gouldman - Stop, Stop Stop
  • Blues By Five - Boom Boom
  • Amen Corner - Expressway To Your Heart
  • Bobby Hanna - Everybody Needs Love
  • The Remaining Few - Painted Air
  • David Essex - So Called Loving
  • The Poets - That's The Way Its Gotta Be
  • The Flies - I’m Not Your Stepping Stone
  • Lulu & The Luvvers - I'll Come Running Over
  • The Syn - Grounded
  • The Fantastics - Ask The Lonely
  • Freedom 35s - Lady Gardener