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Old Time Religion Radio with Adam Schaper

Punching A Hole

Old Time Religion Radio with Adam Schaper

Punching A Hole

In 2018 it’s easy to feel hemmed in, like you’re in a corral with nowhere to go. As it is with all the good innovators, though, you have to take a look to either side. Look up and down. Find the weakest point and plow right through.

Here’s a list of weirdos, psychos, rabble rousers and loud motherfuckers. Here’s to a new and better day tomorrow.

Vintage and modern wildness plus brand new tracks from King Gizzard, Black Delta Movement, Korto, The Men and more.

(This episode originally aired on January 23rd, 2018, but it’s still pretty relevant to the psycho circus that is America right now.)

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4 Oct, 2018

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Track List

  • Entrance Of The Devil (intro) – Zior
  • Look Out, There’s A Monster Coming – Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band
  • Make Me Believe In You – Patti Jo
  • Bodies For Money – Gnod
  • Utter Frustration – Wombats
  • Baby Cakes – The Bolos
  • The Beldam – Creepseed
  • Fresque – Korto
  • You Can’t Judge A Book By The Cover – Cactus
  • Game Is My Middle Name – Betty Davis
  • Kabaluere – Antonio Carlos & Jocafi
  • Comin’ Thru – Chali 2na
  • The Rhythm of Ooze – Pretty Lightning
  • Horology – King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard
  • White Privilege – Idles
  • Master – Yo No Se
  • Punching A Hole – The Final Age
  • Bite The Bullet – Motorhead
  • View From A Gutter – Jeff Dahl
  • King Mosquito – The Black Delta Movement
  • Letter To Memphis – Pixies
  • Dosing The President – Nolan Porter
  • Do Yourself A Flavor – Stevie Wonder
  • Society Is Brainwashed – Ill Bill
  • Storm Coming Down – The Devil & the Almighty Blues
  • Things Behind The Sun – Nick Drake
  • Defector – Black Mountain
  • Mercury Messenger – Cheval Fou
  • Theme From Suspiria – Schizo Fun Addict
  • Maybe I’m Crazy – The Men
  • Blowin’ Smoke – George Brigman & Split
  • Nyarlathotep – Nyl
  • Choir of the Stars – The Well
  • Fender Rhodes Piano Groovin’ – Sketchboxx
  • HELLLLHOOOOLE – Jeff Rosenstock