On Target with Mod Marty

On Target With Mod Marty

What About The Music

On Target With Mod Marty

What About The Music

Feel like life is getting you down? Well, so does pretty much every soul singer/songwriter on these wax donuts.

Feel like nobody understands you? Angst-ridden garage and British Beat will describe what you’re feeling with agonizing clarity.

Looking for an outlet to let off some steam? The dancefloor is open and the only thing stopping you from leaving your troubles in your bag on the back of your chair and letting loose is you!

We’re your people, we’re feeling the same stuff, and we want the same cure. you came to the right place.

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17 Oct, 2022

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Track List

  • Billy Harner - What About The Music
  • Jay Bee Bryant - Bony Maronie
  • Ricky Lewis - Cupid
  • The Fantastic Johnny C - Got What You Need
  • The Furys - I'm Satisfied With You
  • Sandra Wright - Gotta See My Baby
  • Houston Person - Snake Eyes
  • The Allman Joys - You Deserve Each Other
  • Love Cycles - Wind, Rain And The Seashore
  • Derek Martin - Breakaway
  • The Fabulettes - Screamin' And Shoutin'
  • Tina Britt - The Real Thing
  • Jay & The Americans - Livin' Above Your Head
  • The Tripps - Give It Back
  • Herb Fame - You're Messing Up My Mind
  • Joe Frank & The Knights - Can't Find A Way
  • The W.C. Fields Memorial Electric String Band - Hippy Elevator Operator
  • Tidal Waves - Big Boy Pete
  • Jimmy Beaumont - You Got Too Much Going For You
  • Dee Clark - That's My Girl
  • Michel Caron - Hava Nagila A Go Go