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Seven/Eleven with Mr Cozzo

Right on, Right on

Seven/Eleven with Mr Cozzo

Right on, Right on

A new track by Olivier Dollar and Roben Owens is the best way to start this episode and give you a taste of the old Chicago house. Also a new tracks from the Roush label, especially the new EP from Miguel Lobo perfect for the dance floor.

Also we have a very good remix by Detlef of the song “In Da House” by Dj Sneak & Riva Starr. The track of the week is the remix of a legendary song by Silicon Soul – Right on, Right on by Matthias Tanzmann, a new 2020 version. I really love it!

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6 Jun, 2020

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Track List

  • Oliver Dollar & Robert Owens - How We Work
  • DJ Sneak & Riva Starr - In da House Tonight (Detlef Remix)
  • K-Mack - Stutter (Rone White & Rowen Clark Remix)
  • Jizz - Datos Erroneos (Original Mix)
  • Boy.An - Move (Original Mix)
  • Jose Antonio eMe, Carlos Call - Distracted (Original Mix)
  • David Duriez, San France Disco - Jordan Mix (Original Mix)
  • Adrian Bilt - Say What (Original Mix)
  • Roberto Surace - Keep On Moving
  • Silicone Soul - Right On, Right On (Matthias Tanzmann 2020 Remix)
  • Burnski - Flight 723 (Original Mix)
  • Steve Mac, Josh Butler - From the Vault (Original Mix)
  • Marie Berson, Vibe Killers - Let's Groove (Original Mix)
  • Dubjoix - Hang On (Original Mix)
  • Alex Clap - Pure Vice (Original Mix)
  • Miguel Lobo - Doesn't Matter (Original Mix)
  • Miguel Lobo - Lemme Freek (Original Mix)
  • Abraham DJ - El Baile De 1900 (Original Mix)
  • Mihai Popoviciu - Disfunction (Original Mix)
  • Arturo Sanchez & Tone Troy - Haka
  • Andrew Meller - Going Under (Original Mix)
  • Alex Clap - Lere (Original Mix)
  • Pakhi Dogs - Space Train (Tech Mix)
  • Jaded, Ali Story - Dance Much (Extended Mix)
  • LUCASMB - Dysfunction (Original Mix)
  • Neg & Marco Spinetti - Jump Around (JWL Seventeen Dub)
  • Figio's - Gachu (Original Mix)