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Seven/Eleven with Mr Cozzo

Deep Drive

Seven/Eleven with Mr Cozzo

Deep Drive

This week, we feature tracks from Jess Bays, Andrea Oliva, Nick Curly and many more.

Mr Cozzo’s track of the week is from a Spanish DJ/Producer, Wally Lopez “Deep Drive”, and a perfect ending with new music from Cassian and his song Lafayette! Enjoy!

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26 Sep, 2020

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Track List

  • Ricardo Motta - One
  • Adrian Mart - Nick Island
  • Clyde P - Off Light (Original Mix)
  • Luca Grossi - That's the Way
  • Mielafon, Radiorobotek - Importance (Original Mix)
  • Sam Holland - Supersonic (James Solace Remix)
  • Lessone - Banger (Original Mix)
  • Dan Corco, DJ Entwan - Get Uuup (Original Mix)
  • Hynka - Need Your Love (M. Rodriguez Remix)
  • Roberto Cuccovillo - Damn! (Original Mix)
  • Audiojack, Polarbear - Introspection (Nick Curly Remix)
  • Chelina Manuhutu - Big G (Original Mix)
  • KVC - Things Of The Earth (Original Mix)
  • Mauro Vetter - Take Control (DJ Entwan Remix)
  • Dan Corco, DJ Entwan - Thoughts Dirty (Stefano Crabuzza Remix)
  • Pako Ramirez - On my knees (Chedey Garcia Remix)
  • E.T.H (Italy) - We Got This (Original Mix)
  • MoonDark, Afernand - House Music (Original Mix)
  • Dan Corco, DJ Entwan - Thoughts Dirty (Original Mix)
  • Mathey B - Let's Do This (Original Mix)
  • MISHQA - Riser (Original Mix)
  • Salvatore Bruno - Colada (Original Mix)
  • Caitto - Taky Taky (Original Mix)
  • Oriol Calvo, Sara De Araujo - Read & Write
  • Alonso Bierg - Estado Memphis (Original Mix)
  • Umberto Pagliaroli, Side B - Nobody (Original Mix)
  • Sam Holland - Banshee