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Seven/Eleven with Mr Cozzo

Back To The Present

Seven/Eleven with Mr Cozzo

Back To The Present

In this episode, Mr Cozzo plays new music from Martin Moore, Soxx, Massimo Solinas and Superchip. The Track of the week is by Luca Garaboni and the legendary Ron Carrol for the song Back To The Present.

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2 Jan, 2021

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Track List

  • Inda Jani & Manuel Sahagun - Montana Hillbillie [U're Guay Records]
  • Martin Moore - Pabianice On Pills (Original Mix) [Smashing Trax Records]
  • Mike Newman, Antoine Cortez - Special Groove [Panthera]
  • Mike Delgado - Back Into Time (Garage Mix) [Nite Grooves]
  • Chico Flash - Breathless (UK Mix) [Bob's Your Uncle Records]
  • Sebb Junior - Number One (Original Mix) [Nite Grooves]
  • Christian Vila - It's Over (Unreleased Dub) [King Street Sounds]
  • Inda Jani & Manuel Sahagun - Milk & Honey (Panko Remix) [U're Guay Records]
  • Luca Garaboni, Ron Carroll - Back To The Present (Original Mix) [Flashmob Records]
  • Brotech - Dis House [Deeplomatic Recordings]
  • Tom Bug - Something's Takin' Over (Leon Benesty Remix) [Dobar House]
  • Rafha Madrid & Juan Niño - Juno [Strictly Records]
  • Riwalk - Fuck Society (Original Mix) [Hang On Music]
  • Soxx - Sample 21 [Sweets & Treats]
  • Fabrizio Placidi - Lately (Original Mix) [Sweet Milk Records]
  • Rone White, Rowen Clark - Get Down (Original Mix) [Under No Illusion]
  • Currents, Jesusdapnk - Latin Touch [Brobot Records]
  • Vaello - Beyond [Ellectrica Recordings]
  • Hever Jara - Flow Animal [Vandals Recordings]
  • Gruvmake - Eclipse [Subliminal Senses]
  • Massimo Solinas - Ready (Original Mix) [Sweet Milk Records]
  • Alex Young, Soul Data - Pig Factory (Original Mix) [Sweet Milk Records]
  • M.F.S Observatory - Panner (Original mix) [Natura Viva]
  • Branco Simonetti - No Choice (Original Mix) [Go On Records]
  • Abel Ortiz - Feeling [Strictly Records]
  • Jesse Bravo & HOHN - De La Baja [Strictly Records]
  • Ecko2 - Ademán (Original Mix) [Ofrenda Music]
  • Superchip - D.A.N.C.E. (Original Mix) [Playmobil]
  • Nolek - La Llama (Anderblast & Discoplex Remix) [Juicy Traxx]