Seven/Eleven with Mr Cozzo

Seven/Eleven with Mr Cozzo

Show Me

Seven/Eleven with Mr Cozzo

Show Me

In this episode, Mr Cozzo plays new music from Alex Noto, French & Lou, Mad Brother, Jay de Lys.

My track of the week is “Show Me” by Zoo Brazil. Enjoy!

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30 Jan, 2021

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Track List

  • Alex Noto - Balthazarts [Nurvous Records]
  • Laurent Simeca - My House (Original Mix) [PornoStar Records]
  • Politics of Dancing - Bout That Time [Politics Of Dancing Digital]
  • Alex Ranerro, Aron Volta - B1 Stellar Drift VINYL ONLY [Rendr Records]
  • Sunday Noise - Some People Called Love (Original Mix) [Whoyostro White]
  • Even Evie - Give Me A Reason (Extended Mix) [Basement Sound]
  • Carlos A - Citroneta (Original Mix) [Vaunce Music]
  • Hector Valadez - Mr.Dj (Original Mix) [Ocaso Records]
  • ASH-R - Maureen (Original Mix) [Frame Music]
  • Manneken - Bang [Redlight Music]
  • French & Lou - Winter Walking [Groove Soul Records]
  • James Wyler - Fly Away (Rolhay Remix) [Fine Music]
  • Ruff Stuff - Daily Routine [Step Rec.]
  • Sllash & Doppe - Pepper Shaker (Original Mix) [Boom Boom Room]
  • Ramon Bedoya - Cocaine [Shibiza Recordings]
  • Eva Be - Delight [Poker Flat Recordings]
  • Mad Brother, Phineo - Bruuuh [Slightly Sizzled Records]
  • Secnd, Tomi&Kesh - Downtown Kid (Original Mix) [NoZzo Music]
  • Haushouse - Space It (Original Mix) [LDN Trax]
  • Mario Iobbi - Activated (Original Mix) [Revival records]
  • Gianni Ruocco, Omar Labastida - Light (Original Mix) [Uranobeat Records]
  • Zoo Brazil - Show Me (Dub Mix) [Clipp.Art]
  • Saul Antolin - Tambores (Kassier Remix) [Distance Music]
  • Jay de Lys - I Got U (Rone White Remix) [Manicomio Music]
  • Loconaz - Body Language (Original Mix) [Together Music Records]
  • Enrico Caruso - Slow Down Baby (Original Mix) [NoZzo Music]
  • Iñigo Parra - Dime [The Society]
  • Marko Zalazar - Monopolio [Otherwise Records]