Soulside with Tim Spurrier

Soulside with Tim Spurrier

Oceans of Soul to Swim In

Soulside with Tim Spurrier

Oceans of Soul to Swim In

In the last Soulside of 2020 Tim shares his favourite tracks, albums and reissues of the year plus a sprinkling of soulful Christmas tunes .

From Northern Soul stompers and best new soul new releases to Acid Jazz classics and the downright funky, the show has gives a soulful and uplifting end to the year.

Also included on the playlist are new tracks from Ariena Mancini, the Kevin Fingier Collective and Fred plus new reissues of Northern Soul classics from the Deptford Northern Soul Club and Sonic Wax Records.

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22 Dec, 2020

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Track List

  • Rita Graham - My Cup Runneth Over
  • Alice Clark - Never Did I Stop Loving You
  • Sandy Golden - When We're All Alone Tonight
  • Betty Wright - Girls You Can Do What Guys Do
  • Doc Peabody - Here Without You
  • Fred Hughes - Baby Boy
  • Freddie Scott - I'll Be Gone
  • Sue Lynn - Don't Pity Me
  • Clarence Carter - Back Door Santa
  • Fred (Ft Cold Diamond & Mink) - Sweet Thing
  • Dojo Cuts - Rome
  • Black Pumas - Look at my Soul
  • Emma Noble - Woman of the World
  • The Monophonics - Chances
  • Jordan Rakei - Wind Parade
  • Lou Johnson - A Time to Love, A Time to Die
  • Gerri Granger - I Must Be Doing Something Right
  • Roberta Flack - Compared to What
  • Bill Withers - Grandmas Hands
  • Bonobo - Between the Lines
  • Araina Mancini - Shotgun
  • Brand New Heavies - Shynx
  • J-Felix (Ft Sol Goodman) - Future (Are We Living)
  • Speedometer (Ft Najwa Ezzaher) - Time to Slow Down
  • Jackey Beavers - Trying to Get Back to You Girl
  • The Kevin Fingier Collective - Latin Dynamite
  • James Taylor Quartet - Theme from Starsky and Hutch
  • Earl Grant - Jingle Bells
  • Charles Brown - Please Come Home for Christmas