Soulside with Tim Spurrier

Soulside with Tim Spurrier

Funky Drummer Sounds

Soulside with Tim Spurrier

Funky Drummer Sounds

Tim brings you his usual luscious mix of soul, Funk, Jazz, Latin and every flavour in between, This week Soulside has taken on a drumming theme with tracks old and brand new.

With new releases from the likes of PM Walson, Kevin Fingier and Black Market Brass, as well as some amazing reissues Tim has a bit for everyone.

As always its a great shared journey.

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27 Apr, 2021

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Track List

  • The Philly Groove Orchestra Ft First Choice - Let Us Entertain You
  • Star Quake - Don't You Know I Love You
  • Timeless Legend - I Was Born to Love You
  • Eddie Kendrick - I Don’t Need Nobody Else
  • The Exits - You Got to Have Money
  • Four Voices - Your Love is Getting Stronger
  • Darrel Banks - Somebody Somewhere Needs You
  • Jackie Wilson - Open The Door To Your Heart
  • Nolan Porter - Keep on Keepin On
  • Seven Souls - I Still Love You
  • The Brady Bunch - Mr Drummer Man
  • The Blassics - Silver Mercury
  • Lee Dorsey - Gator Tail
  • Spanky Wilson - Sunshine of Your Love
  • Grant Green - Let The Music Take Your Mind
  • Cold Blooded Express - You’re The Life of Me
  • The Ultimates - Why I Love You
  • Black Nasty - I Have No Choice
  • The Major Four - Down in the Ghetto
  • Bobby Patterson - Everything Good To You
  • P M Warson - (Don’t) Hold Me Down
  • Kevin Fingier - September
  • Ray Baretto - Soul Drummers
  • The Sorcerers - In Pursuit of Shai Hulud
  • Trio Valore - Get Carter
  • Medeski Martin and Wood - Shine It
  • Black Market Brass - Maraka
  • Marvin Gaye - Where Are We Going?