Soulside with Tim Spurrier

Soulside with Tim Spurrier

Let The Drums Speak

Soulside with Tim Spurrier

Let The Drums Speak

This week Tim brings you a host of new releases, reissues as well as some gorgeous classics and rarities. With a spicy blend of soul, jazz, funk, a pinch of latin and dollop of northern soul, there is plenty there for everyone one .

From delicious mid tempo to tasty dancers and everything in between, this is a mix that will taste so very good.

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29 Jun, 2021

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Track List

  • Quincy Jones - Get A Bloomin’ Move On
  • The Who - This Is The Sea
  • Eddie Kendrick - Date With The Rain (Reflex Remix)
  • First Choice - Are You Ready For Me
  • Bah Samba - Let The Drums Speak. (Harvey Lindo Edit)
  • Ramsey Lewis - Uptight Everything’s Alright
  • Detroit 45s - Sunshine
  • Lamont Butler - Ungodly War
  • Lou Courtney - Trying To Find My Woman
  • Lou Courtney - I Will If You Will
  • Gospel Ambassadors - This Little Light Of Mine
  • Roy Roberts - You Move Me
  • Stance Brothers - On Top
  • Moses Boyd - Bridge The Gap
  • Delores Fuller - My Greatest Desire
  • Jeb Loy Nicholas - Not There Yet
  • Natty Reeves Ft Poppy Daniels - Snakes In The Grass
  • Sault - Bitter Streets
  • Sugar Pie Desanto - Going Back Where I.belong
  • Lilian Vines And The Dynamics - I Dreamed About My Baby Last Night
  • Prince Fatty And Nostalgia 77 - Medicine Chest Dub
  • October London - Lsd
  • Stance Brothers - Hard Deal
  • Rodrigo - Lack Of Afro
  • Eddie Harris - Listen Here
  • The Fantastics! - Better Off Dead
  • Bill Withers - Let It Be