Soulside with Tim Spurrier

Soulside with Tim Spurrier

Sweeter On The Soulside

Soulside with Tim Spurrier

Sweeter On The Soulside

This week Tim brings you a sweet mix of Soul, Funk, Jazz, Northern Soul and plenty of grooves in between.

There are some delicious new tracks as well as old favourites. This week’s LP of the week, including an exclusive play, is from the James Taylor Quartet who also gives us his Trifecta.

Everything is sweeter on the Soulside.

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26 Jul, 2022

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Track List

  • The James Taylor Quartet - Diametric Opposition
  • Lalo Schifin - Hotel Daniels
  • Derek and Ray - Interplay
  • The Seven Souls - I Still Love You
  • Mike McDonald - God Knows
  • Quinn DeVeaux - Very Best Thing
  • Kenyatta - Let Me Love You
  • Al Reed - Shake Em Up
  • Monica - I Don’t Know Nothing Else to Tell You But I Love You
  • Amy Winehouse - Don’t Go To Strangers Ft Paul Weller and Jools Hollands
  • Aretha Franklin - I Can’t See Myself Leaving You
  • Harlem Gospel Travellers - Hold Your Head up
  • Batidas Latinos - Color Climax
  • The James Taylor Quartet - The New Money Spyder
  • Jimmy Smith - Please Send Me Someone To Love
  • Lizzie No - Sweeter Than Strychnine Ft Ben Pirani
  • Lalo Schifin - Rollercoaster
  • Roy Budd - Get Carter Theme (Alternative Mix 1)
  • Quincy Jones - Fat Poppadaddy
  • The James Taylor Quartet - Cold War Etiquette
  • Marton Johnson B3 - Yatra Ta
  • Robson Jorge & Lincoln Olivetti - Eva
  • Candido - Soul Wanco
  • Shina Williams & His African Percussion - Agboju Login (Me Bongo 7” Mix)
  • C.Da Afro & De Gama - Sweet Dance
  • Emanuel Lasky - More Love