Soulside with Tim Spurrier

Soulside with Tim Spurrier

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Soulside with Tim Spurrier

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Tim brings a delicious mix of Soul, Funk, Jazz, Northern Soul and plenty of flavours in between both old and new.

With a great Trifecta from the Face Radio’s G Matteus and a rare reissue LP of the week from Michael Orr,

We are spreading the Soulside Love.


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16 Aug, 2022

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Track List

  • Carey Harris and Michael Orr - You Opened My Eyes to the World
  • Kitchen II Allstars - Onyeabor 80
  • Barbara Mercer - So Real
  • Barbara Mason - Sad Sad Girl
  • Billy La Mont - So Called Friend
  • Isley Brothers - Wild Like a Tiger
  • Pat Lewis - Loves Creeping Up On Me
  • Josephine Taylor - Is It Worth A Chance
  • Carey Harris and Michael Orr - Here I Go (Through Those Changes Again)
  • Three Pieces - If Only I Could Prove It To You
  • The Specials - The Life and Death (Of A Man Called Depression)
  • Yard Act - 100% Endurance (Elton John Version)
  • Eddie Russ - Take A Look At Yourself
  • Jack McDuff - Blues in the Night
  • The Persians - Here It Comes
  • Stevie Wonder - He’s Misstra Know-It-All
  • Marcus Miller - Tightrope
  • Bob Marley - Midnight Ravers
  • Soul Revivers - Furthest Dub (feat. Ms MAURICE)
  • The Scorpios - Kifaya Mosa: Is It Enough
  • Carey Harris and Michael Orr - A Piece Of Mine
  • Damon Shawn - Feel The Need
  • The Moments - Nine Times
  • Lou Courtney - Somebody New Is Lovin’ On You