Starvue Vibes with Cecily Pinkerton

Starvue Vibes with Cecily Pinkerton

Big Love

Starvue Vibes with Cecily Pinkerton

Big Love

This week Cecily reaches back to her pre-teen years growing up in Minneapolis. Back then so many new friends were moving from Chicago, and they brought a ton of smoking trax with them.

The records were so good they prompted her to move to Chicago in 1994, inspiring the other half of this week’s mix.

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21 Apr, 2021

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Track List

  • St. Germain - Thank You Mum
  • Disco Feelings - Disco Dreams
  • Actual Proof - The Gruff
  • Sound Stream - Good Soul
  • Lego Edit - Independents To Mars
  • Prospect Park - Till You Surrender
  • Eddie Amador - House Music
  • Lego - When I'm With You
  • Cajmere Featuring Dajae - Brighter Days]
  • Sunkids - Rescue Me
  • Lego - El Ritmo De Verdad
  • Derek Carter - Dreaming
  • Robert Owens - I'll Be Your Friend
  • Frankie Knuckles - Baby Wants To Ride
  • Norma Jean Bell - I'm The Baddest Bitch
  • Peter Heller - Big Love
  • Soul Searcher - I Can't Get Enough
  • Paul Simon - Diamonds In The Souls Of Her Shoes
  • Henry L & Ingo Sanger - Clean