The Reset with Caius Alexander

The Reset with Caius Alexander

Last Days of Summer

The Reset with Caius Alexander

Last Days of Summer

This week’s show marks the last days of summer with a groovy mix of soulful House, Deep cuts, classic House, Garage house, old tracks, new tracks…everything you need to keep the summer vibes going!

Starting out with slower, more soulful sounds, we gradually pick up the energy with some deeper and harder hitting House cuts, before slowing it down in the last 15 minutes.

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8 Sep, 2022

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Track List

  • Ruff Driverz, Knee Deep - Dreaming (Knee Deep Paradise Mix)
  • Frankie Feliciano, Terry Dexter, Wez Whynt - No Maybe (Wez Whynt Vocal Remix)
  • Hallex M, Monique Bingham - Fame Is For Fools (Vocal Mix)
  • Rhemi, Lynn Lockamy - Warning
  • Federation X, Grant Nelson, Mousse T - Odyssey One (The Groovers Track)
  • Gavin Dista - Funk House (Original)
  • Giom, Spiritchaser - Hot Rabbits (Spiritchaser Remix)
  • Danny J Lewis, Kayleigh Gibson - Such A Shame (Classic Garage Extended Mix)
  • Sole Fusion - We Can Make It (Underground Network Mix)
  • Jason Pascascio, DJ Spen - Hot Summer Nights (DJ Spen Re-Edit)
  • Dutchican Soul, Mr. V, Karmina Dai - FUN
  • Rocket Dubz - If You Want It (Extended Mix)
  • Sean Bartana - Games
  • Criss Korey - Back Home (Original)
  • Gary Tuohy, Marck Jamz - Bringin It Back (Original)
  • Mike Millrain - And You're Lovin' (Original Mix)
  • Uptown Express, Richie Jones - Not Much Heaven (New York Deep Mix 1997)
  • Cj Reign - Dance To The Nite (Sax & Sex Mix)
  • Przemaz B, Kischa Link, Lombard Street - I Love The Music (Lombard Street Remix)
  • Kerri Chandler, Arnold Jarvis - Inspiration
  • Deep Cover - Do Anything