The Reset with Caius Alexander

The Reset with Caius Alexander

Back to Basics

The Reset with Caius Alexander

Back to Basics

This week’s episode winds the clock back to focus on the House and Garage sounds of the 1990s and early 2000s.

Featuring tracks from legendary house artists like RIP Productions, Matt Jam Lamont, Banana Republic and many more, we keep the vibes flowing.

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15 Dec, 2022

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Track List

  • Cassio, Blaze, Cassio Ware, Kevin Hedge, Josh Milan - Baby Love (Chord Mix)
  • Time Out - High Life Two (Cheap Skate Mix)
  • Scottie Deep - About You (Drama Mix)
  • Livin’ Large - Love Is What We Need (Foxy Dub Mix)
  • Eddie Perez - Wanna Say
  • Post Cap Era - Come On Over (Original Mix)
  • Brother James - Numero Uno (Original)
  • Sean Bartana - Your the One
  • Marc Cotterell - How We Did It (Original)
  • Crystal Waters, Soul Central, Robin S, Crackazat - Love One Another (CRACKAZAT Hump Mix)
  • R.i.P Productions, Matt Jam Lamont - Don't Go (Matt Jam Lamont Remix)
  • Marc Cotterell - Get To It (Original)
  • Mentalinstrum, Giant Storm, 280 West - Trust Yourself (280 West Club Mix)
  • Sly - Gonna Love You
  • Affection - Inside Me (Sexy Mix)
  • G.O.D - Satisfaction ’98
  • Proteus - Hard Times Club Tools
  • 24 Hour Experience - Touch The After World
  • Ty Holden, James Reynolds - Nobody Else (Bollinger Mix)
  • Poolio, Jack D - Tell Me Baby (Shoulder Mix)
  • Sunship - Friendly Pressure (Into The Sunshine Mix)
  • George E, Banana Republic - Inna City (Banana Republic Vocal Vibe)