Calibri 35 Decade Album Cover

Calibro 35


Label: Record Kicks

Release Date: 2 February 2018


Essential Tracks: SuperStudio, Modulor, Ambienti, Travelers



22 Jan, 2018

The masters of cinematic funk and cosmic jazz Calibro 35 are back with their sixth studio album “Decade”. The album coincides with the Italian super cult combo’s 10th year anniversary of their first recordings.

Brilliantly mixed and recorded by CALIBRO’s ‘genio musicale’ and Grammy Award winner Tommaso Colliva, the album features an expanded line up of horns, strings and percussion to give Decade an orchestral feel. The influences of Ennio Morricone, Luis Bacalov and David Axelrod can be heard as the band mix the various elements of jazz, afrobeat, alternative hip hop to create CALIBRO’s very own wall of sound.


1. Psycheground
2. SuperStudio
3. Faster Faster!
4. Pragma
5. Modulor
6. ArchiZoom
7. Ambienti
8. Agogica
9. Polymeri
10. Modo
11. Travelers

If you are discovering Calibro 35 for the first time your ears and senses will be assaulted and served up with a perfect soundtrack of suspense, crime thriller, sci-fi and epic adventure.  Those who are well versed will not be disappointed with this latest creation. Stand out tracks and analysis “SuperStudio” (the perfect car chase), “Modulor” (Spy thriller soundtrack), “Ambienti” (faultless 70s TV Cop drama), “Travelers” (epic adventure)

The single, “SuperStudio” will be available 26 January 2018 as a limited edition 45 vinyl 500 copies worldwide and also on digital.