Gerardo Frisina - Rhythmic Conversations

Gerardo Frisina

Rhythmic Conversations

Label: Schema Records

Release Date: 28 September 2018


Essential Tracks: Yapatera



24 Sep, 2018

Music crosses all boundaries borders and emotions to deliver sounds to the listener that are universally understood. The forthcoming release by Gerardo Frisina achieves exactly that with its stylish collection of tunes that opens up music influenced by Cuba, South America and Africa.

Beginning in Cuba the opening track ‘Camagüey’ breaks the ice with its beautiful rhythms and deft keyboard touches. ‘Arawak’ and ‘Yapatera’ represent South America both tracks bringing athletic tribal rhythms and Latin vibes to the turntable. Crossing the continents to Africa ‘Katanga’ and ‘Yeha’ pay homage to a land rich in complex rhythms and beats. The album finishes with an Afro-Cuban influenced remix of the opening track ‘Camagüey (Tumbao)’

The album recorded at Blue Spirit Recording Studio is written and produced by Gerardo Frisina.

Players on the album include:

Giovanni Guerretti: Fender Rhodes
Louis Acosta: Drums and percussion
Hendrickson Mena: Trumpet
Aleandro Marcado: Bass and double bass
Pucci: piano on Camagüey
Horacio: Vibes


Katanga cuban
Arawak cuban
Camagüey (Tumbao)