Lack Of Afro Jack Of All Trades Album Cover

Lack of Afro

Jack of All Trades

Label: LOA Records

Release Date: 18 May 2018

Rating:[star rating='5' ]

Essential Tracks: Over & Out, Don't Do Me Over, Reach Out, Good Love



28 May, 2018

As track seven on the album declares Lack of Afro is ‘Back in Business’ with a sixth studio album ‘ Jack of All Trades’. The opening track kicks off with the single ‘Back To The Day’ a Jackson 5 / Earth Wind & Fire vibe with Elliot Cole handling the vocals. Other vocal contributors on the album include Juliette Ashby, Wax, Alyssa Marie & Camila Recchio, Herbal T, Emma Noble and Nick Corbin. The album stays true to the trademark LOA formula of slick production and quality musicianship. As well as being an accomplished multi-instrumentalist Adam Gibbons (Lack of Afro) talent shines through in the fusing of the traditional sounds of soul, disco or rap into a distinctive and refreshingly modern sound. As with each LOA release there is always progression and Jack of All Trades is no exception. Nick Corbin’s introduction (formerly of New Street Adventure) on ‘Don’t Do Me Over’ and ‘Home’ ensures this forward trajectory.


1. Back To The Day (feat Elliott Cole)
2. Baby Be Mine (feat Juliette Ashby)
3. Only You & Me (feat Wax, Alyssa Marie & Camila Recchio)
4. Over & Out (feat Ed Martin)
5. Don’t Do Me Over (feat Nick Corbin)
6. The Messin’ Around Intermission
7. Back In Business (feat Wax & Herbal T)
8. Reach Out (Talk Louder) (feat Elliott Cole)
9. Home (feat Nick Corbin)10.Good Love (feat Emma Noble)
11. Take It Up A Notch (feat Wax & Herbal T)