Menagerie The Arrow Of Time Album Cover


The Arrow Of Time

Label: Freestyle

Release Date: 9 February 2018


Essential Tracks: Evolution



29 Jan, 2018

Set for release 9th February 2018 via Freestyle Records ‘The Arrow of Time’ from Menagerie is the latest project headed up by Australian maestro Lance Ferguson (The Bamboos, Cookin’ On 3 Burners, Lanu, Black Feeling). The album takes inspiration from themes of space exploration and human evolution, its hugely influenced by the sound of record labels like Strata East,Tribe and Black Jazz.

1. Evolution ft Fallon Williams
2. The Arrow Of Time
3. Escape Velocity
4. Spiral
5. Nova

The stand out track is the opener Evolution, a rich sounding number that features Fallon Williams on vocals. The album is a five track offering and one to five they are all epics in their own right. From beginning to end ‘The Arrow of Time’ will totally immerse you into the contemporary jazz vibe. Enjoy!