Orgone Undercover Mixtape Album Cover


Undercover Mixtape

Label: Colemine

Release Date: 2 February 2018


Essential Tracks: The Black Five, Nobody's Fault But Mine (feat Kelly Finnigan), Let Me Be Your Lovemaker (feat Adryon de León), Cosmic Slop (feat Terin Ector), Ain't No Use (feat Adryon de León), All This Love That I'm Giving (feat Adryon de León)



15 Jan, 2018

Once again Orgōne fire up the funky engines laying down thirteen funk and soul covers by a whose who from the funk and soul genre. Otis Redding, Funkadelic, The Meters, Aretha Franklin, Betty Wright, and Booker T are just a some of the artists that get the full Orgōne treatment.

The band have enlisted some of their friends help to create this brilliant collection of classics and I have to confess it has been on virtual rotation since the review copy landed. The tracks that make up the Undercover Mixtape are:

1. The Black Five
2. Cynthy-Ruth (feat Terin Ector)
3. Look-A Py Py
4. Think (feat Adryon de León)
5. Nobody’s Fault But Mine (feat Kelly Finnigan)
6. The Breakdown (feat Mixmaster Wolf)
7. All This Love That I’m Giving (feat Adryon de León)
8. Melting Pot
9. It’s Serious
10. Neither One Of Us (feat Adryon de León)
11. Ain’t No Use (feat Adryon de León)
12. Let Me Be Your Lovemaker (feat Adryon de León)
13. Cosmic Slop (feat Terin Ector)

This quality collection ebbs and flows with the quality of the recordings evoking a funky well being that takes you from chill out to the dance floor. It’s hard to pick an outstanding track but worthy of a mention would be ‘The Black Five’ the Aretha Franklin cover ‘Think’, ‘Nobody’s Fault But Mine’ (feat Kelly Finnigan), ‘Let Me Be Your Lovemaker’ (feat Adryon de León) and ‘Cosmic Slop’ (feat Terin Ector), and Kurtis’ personal favourite, Gwen McCrae’s ‘All This Love That I’m Giving’ (feat Adryon de León).

The album is to be released via Colemine records on February 2nd 2018 as a double album green vinyl limited to 1000 copies, CD, cassette, digital and streaming services. On the same day a new single Big Day b/w Hound Dogs will be released on 7″gold vinyl limited to 400 copies.