Andy Tolman Cartel Cypher Album Cover

The Andy Tolman Cartel


Label: Freestyle Records

Release Date: 15 September 2017


Essential Tracks: Cypher, Copa Libertadores, Move Over (Featuring – Jo Harman), Claret and Blues



15 Sep, 2017

For those yearning the exhilarating sound of TV and Film scores The Andy Tolman Cartel tick all the boxes. Their debut album release Cypher via Freestyle records delivers an accomplished set of compositions that are exhilarating slick and polished.

The influences of Lalo Schifrin, Oliver Nelson & Quincy Jones, and their UK counterparts Ronnie Hazelhurst and Alan Hawkshaw run through the album. Back in the 90s Loungecore (Easy Listening) was resurgent so if you liked the compilation releases The Sound Gallery and The Sound Spectrum then Cypher is a must have.

The album contains nine tracks:
1. Copa Libertadores
Nice jazz easy listening number with a driving beat and Larry Carlton style guitar solo. Great opening track.

2. Pod To Pod
Mid-tempo with a vibe demanding a cool strut as the track flows along the horn section asserts its presence.

3. Move Over feat. Jo Harman
One of the picks of the album. Big and powerful. Makes a statement. Great jazz funk. British singer Jo Harman stamps her authority all over this one.

4. Cypher
Cypher would not be out of place in a modern-day remake of one of the classic Dirty Harry movies. Starts mean menacing and very cool.

5. Speedball
Kick back and chill. This has an overwhelming American feel to it. Fits like a glove if included in the soundtrack to a detective series.

6. Politea Square
Jazz funk with a hint of Salsa influencing this one. A cocktails sea and sun Miami style vibe.

7. Tempo Do Sol
Laid back number. Very smooth vibe with an exquisite blend of horns and great percussion.

8. Claret and Blues
The Hammond organ and groovy jazz guitar licks gives this all action track its cutting edge.

9. You What!
The final track delivers an up-tempo number where the 60s/70s decades meet the 80s! The synth and heavy horns add an air of anticipation to the track.