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Al Foster Band ‎– The Night Of The Wolf

Al Foster Band

The Night Of The Wolf

This amazing record originated in Italy and was composed by musicians Ivano Alberto Fossati and Oscar Prudenti. It first surfaced on their 1973 LP, Poco Prima Dell’Aurora, under the original working title, “Theme Of The Wolf”. Sounding part soundtrack and part jazz funk, it highlights incredible percussion and funky guitar licks that melt into a majestic grooviness. It grew into one of the big, crossover-genre-defying records that manages to resonate on many levels. Seeing the potential on the US Disco scene, Roulette Records picked it up in 1975 and changed the title to the more Anglo sounding Al Foster Band. In the UK it became a Northern Soul anthem at the legendary Cleethorpes Pier venue as well as a big BBoy favourite. Oh, and have I mentioned Esperanto cut an ultra cool Acid Jazz version? Play it loud!



17 Oct, 2018