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Connie Clark

My Sugar Baby

As today is my 15th anniversary with my wife, I wanted to get a song of the day in for Heidi. I decided to go for this diamond from 1965. Written by Frank Wilson, and certainly not dissimliar to ‘Do I Love You‘, (you may even find yourself alluding to the chorus upon its build-up) this upbeat tune is sure to give you chills and make you dance madly. 

There was some debate whether Connie Clark was also known as Chris Clark, who Frank had also worked with for an alternate take of ‘Do I Love You‘. According to Kevin Roberts, “Connie – is not in fact Chris Clark as many have long believed, but actually a long forgotten Opera Singer.”

Frank Wilson even did his own version of this in 1972. 

Good luck getting your hands on either of these as originals however, as they’re extremely rare. You can find many unofficial pressings floating around however.



22 Nov, 2017