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MFSB (Ft. The Three Degrees)

TSOP (The Sound Of Philadelphia)

Today’s song of the day, is for all of my friends and all of our listeners in Philadelphia. Today they celebrate their big SuperBowl LII win with a parade in The City of Brotherly Love, so I felt it only right to feature The Sound of Philadelphia as the song of the day.

This sound, for many sums up The Philly Sound completely. (Does the name nudge us in that thinking?). Recorded in 1973, released in 1974, written by the legendary Gamble & Huff, it was the first television theme to hit number one in the charts, and many would argue that it was the first Disco track to hit number one as well.

It’s no mystery that Philadelphia International is a favorite of The Face Radio, so this was an easy one.



8 Feb, 2018