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Tony Hestor - Spaceland

Tony Hestor


The product of an incredibly fertile and creative partnership between the Detroit based songwriting team Tony Hestor and Richard “Popcorn” Wylie, many will recognize the backing track to this record as the same one used on Tommy Neal’s classic 60’s dancer “Going To A Happening” which came out on Vault / Pameline in 1967. This version however, a solid intergalactic-groover, with Tony providing velvet-toned vocals, and alternative lyrics remained unreleased and unheard for a long time until it was discovered by an enterprising Soul fan. Still unissued, it was played as an ‘exclusive’ at the Wigan Casino, and as it’s star shone it was subsequently bootlegged to feed the desire of new admirers . More befittingly perhaps, it was given an official release in 2011 by the UK based record label Outta Sight, where it went back-to-back with Tommy’s version, a perfect tribute some might say, to a classy song that more than stands up on it’s own.



15 Nov, 2018