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Scott ‘Bjorn Late’ Birksted

The Bjorn keeps showing listeners of The Face that being ‘Bjorn Late’ is no excuse. Scott Birksted is a Canadian expat who spent a decade tearing up Ottawa with his Rocksteady and Soul DJ gigs before hitting the Brooklyn scene. While here, he was soaking up the New York groove, expanding his Mod leanings further into the ’70s and ’80s Crossover sounds of the Big Apple’s Disco dance floors. Very sadly for those of us at The Face, he has departed again, heading back to his motherland.

Contributions by Scott

Doulas & Lonero - This Time

Doulas & Lonero – This Time

Released on RCA in 1975 as a B- side. Athens of the North has picked this up and given it a reissue in recent years.

Africano - Open Your Hearts

Africano – Open Your Hearts

Africano seem to have only two releases on Wille Mitchell's Hi Records in 1974

Solomon Burke - Cry To Me

Solomon Burke – Cry To Me

An old soul standard by Mr. Solomon Burke, from 1962 on Atlantic records, his best known song.

Clea Bradford - My Love is a Monster

Clea Bradford – My Love is a Monster

Boomin' Chicago Soul from 1968 on Cadet from the LP, Her Point of View.

Barbara Mason - Another Man

Barbara Mason – Another Man

An outstanding synth heavy side from Barbara Mason.



A truly sublime and groovy slow jam from this Toronto free jazz/soul/instrumental hip hop/etc outfit.