DL21 with Mr Watson

DL21 with Mr Watson

DL21 Live On Stage!

DL21 with Mr Watson

DL21 Live On Stage!

DL21 is going live on the stage. The first DL21 event takes place in Darlington on Sunday, 27th August. Hear Mr Watson chat with all four Musical Artists playing – Frankie Jobling, Beth Macari, Kemani Anderson from Secret Night Gang, and Carmy Love.

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Tune into new broadcasts of DL21, the second Tuesday from 4 – 6 PM EST / 9 – 11 PM GMT.

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8 Aug, 2023

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Track List

  • Frankie Jobling - Changes
  • Frankie Jobling - Where Do You Go When You Go Quiet
  • Frankie Jobling - Grateful
  • Beth Macari - Feel The Same
  • Beth Macari - Gotta Get Back
  • Beth Macari - Summer Feeling
  • Secret Night Gang - Journey
  • Secret Night Gang - Out Of My Head
  • Don’t Know What Tomorrow Brings
  • Carmy Love - Rebel
  • Carmy Love - Thinkin’ About You
  • Carmy Love - In The Morning
  • Scotty vs Carmy Love - Feeling The Vibe
  • Carmy Love - Together Again
  • Carmy Love - I Just Came To Dance (Smoove Remix)